Global Health Council is the leading membership organization devoted to advancing global health priorities.

Our membership includes over 100 organizations representing a diverse group of advocates, implementers, and other stakeholders advocating for global health. Membership is open to organizations worldwide that work to advance global health priorities.



Annual membership dues follow a graduated scale based on your organization’s annual revenue.

Annual RevenueDues ($USD)
Level 1: < $1 million $500
Level 2: $1 million – <$5 million$1,000
Level 3: $5 million – <$10 million$2,500
Level 4: $10 million – <$50 million$5,000
Level 5: $50 million – <$100 million$7,500
Level 6: $100 million – <$250 million$10,000
Level 7: $250 million – <$500 million$15,000
Level 8: $500 million – <$1 billion$20,000
Level 9: Greater than $1 billion$25,000


GHC has a proven track record of advancing global health goals. In 2021 alone, we:

  • Participated in the 74th World Health Assembly and published an After Action Report on the key highlights
  • Organized community focus groups with grassroots civil society organizations and communities to capture lived experiences and challenges that marginalized populations face in accessing quality healthcare
  • Advocated for strong global health policies with U.S. Congress and the Administration through roundtable engagement, sign-on letters, webinars, and planning sessions ahead of major events
  • Participated in the COVID-19 Summit hosted by the White House
  • Issued public statements and sign-on letters calling upon Members of Congress and other stakeholders to support global health legislation and funding
  • Published the 2021 Global Health Briefing Book.
  • Served as a critical driver behind the development of the Global Health Security Agenda
  • Hosted over 200 global health advocates at the annual Global Health Landscape Symposium

Join us and be a part of progress. Become a member today!

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