Global Health Security

Global Health Security

The approach to Global Health Security requires a new definition; one that is multidisciplinary, holistic, and centered on the safety and security of all people.

Too often, governments conflate national security with health security, basing global health funding decisions on conditions that could threaten their own individual populations and economies.

  • National security must not be the primary justification for global health security decisions; human rights, equity, dignity, and thriving development must be central to this process, as well.
  • Traditional approaches to global health security result in unpredictable funding which is unsustainable and works against long-term solutions for healthcare challenges.
  • Ensuring that global health security policies are viewed through a health equity lens requires increased inclusion from low- and middle-income countries, more civil society voices, and an emphasis on human rights.

To visualize the case for a new narrative, GHC created a digital infographic with a clear call to action for governments, implementers, and civil society.

Read a one page overview on holistic global health security.

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