GHC Launches New Health Equity Working Group

January 29, 2024

GHC is adding a seventh Working Group to our advocacy efforts.  The new Health Equity Working Group is comprised entirely of organizations from low- and middle-income countries. The collective knowledge, expertise, and direct experiences of these organizations make this Working Group extremely well-positioned to ensure that the health challenges of the most vulnerable are prioritized as global, national, and regional health decisions are made.

In the coming weeks, GHC will work closely with the Working Group to co-create the objectives, priorities, and activities with members. Most, if not all of the organizations work on the front lines, facing major global health challenges daily. As such, they are the closest and most familiar with the health needs of the target populations they serve — which are often those that are most left behind. 

The first meeting of the Health Equity Working Group will take place in February. We look forward to sharing more about its work as it evolves.