154th WHO Executive Board Agenda Item 13: Antimicrobial resistance: accelerating national and global responses

January 24, 2024

Below is a statement which Global Health Council shared at the 154th session of the World Health Organization’s Executive Board.

AMR is a growing and existential threat that hasn’t seen the sustained political attention it demands. With the WHO’s global action plan on antimicrobial resistance coming to an end next year, it is vital to inject new urgency into the fight against AMR.  

We call on all Member States to increase investment and innovation in quality-assured, priority,  new and improved antimicrobials, novel compounds, diagnostics, vaccines, and other health technologies to fight AMR. 

WHO and Member States should develop and implement the AMR Diagnostic Initiative and establish a Global AMR Laboratory Network, with external quality assessment programs and a standardized WHO accreditation process.

WHO and the Quadripartite should hold an open and inclusive consultation process ahead of the UN High-Level Meeting on AMR.

WHO and Member States must work together to increase public awareness of the AMR threat and ensure access to infection, prevention and control measures, including quality, climate-resilient WASH.