154th WHO Executive Board Agenda Item 10: End TB Strategy

January 24, 2024

Below is a statement which Global Health Council shared at the 154th session of the World Health Organization’s Executive Board.

Global Health Council thanks the chair and distinguished delegates for this opportunity to comment on this agenda item.

The central message of the EB “End TB Strategy” report highlights that despite reaching the midpoint in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, global progress towards agreed milestones for ending tuberculosis remains off target.

Renewed commitments and investments are urgently needed to mitigate the pandemic’s impacts on TB case finding, treatment access, and prevention efforts. Countries must urgently take action to restore and maintain essential services.

We call on Member States to substantially increase investments in TB research to drive technological breakthroughs and strategies to support the rapid uptake of innovations. This is a critical moment as several TB vaccines are entering late-stage clinical development and will need timely investment to ensure efficient and thorough assessment. A new vaccine would be a game-changer for epidemic control and addressing growing rates of AMR.