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We Can’t Achieve Health Goals for Women Without Women Leaders

This blog was written by Dr. Christine Sow, GHC President and Executive Director, and cross-posted from Chemonics For months we have been talking about and planning for the “post-2015 era.” Now it is just around the corner, with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ready to be adopted in September. While discussion thus...Read More »

Climate Change Adaptation and Population Dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean: Key Issues for Policy Makers

Global climate change trends indicate that even with mitigation efforts, our planet will continue warming into the next century, leading to more extreme climate conditions and weather events. The Latin America and Caribbean region is particularly vulnerable to some of the most challenging aspects of climate change—sea-level rise affecting coastal...Read More »

Help us advocate to save moms and kids around the world!

Since 1990, nearly 100 million children around the world have been saved due to global efforts to reduce child mortality, and maternal deaths have been cut nearly in half. The US government has played a large role in this great success story. Yet still, each day, more than 17,000 children’s lives...Read More »

Six Reasons Ministries of Finance Should Invest in Health Workers

This blog was cross-posted from VITAL and written by Misrak Makonnen and Kate Tulenko Last week’s high-level talks about human resources for health in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, resulted in the Addis Ababa Call to Action on financing the health workforce, signed by the nine ministries of health that participated. The call to action...Read More »

Data as a critical component of the new financing paradigm for sustainable development

By Dr. Christine Sow, President and Executive Director, Global Health Council Data, measurement and accountability have been front and center at the recent UN Financing for Development Conference (FfD). On Wednesday, July 15 I participated in a morning event – extremely well attended despite the early hour – “Harnessing the Data...Read More »

Ahead of the Curve for Financing for Development: Innovations in Health Financing

By Dr. Christine Sow, President and Executive Director, Global Health Council Addis Ababa was the setting last week of the third UN Financing for Development Conference (FfD). A diverse mix of constituencies were represented here – all focused on financing the Sustainable Development Goals, all representing constituency perspectives they believe key...Read More »

Migrant Workers’ Right to Health: A Global Advocacy Agenda

This blog was cross-posted from the Institute for Human Rights and Business  Migrant workers face many inequities. Yet health is a fundamental right – and systemic violations do real harm to workers, communities and companies themselves. Recent headlines describing the plight of thousands of migrants drowning at sea as they tried to...Read More »

The Global Financing Facility (GFF) for Every Women and Every Child: A Paradigm Shift in Development Financing

Steve Lewis/RESULTS UKThis guest blog was written by Megan Wilson-Jones, Policy Advocacy Officer (Child Health & Vaccines) at RESULTS UK RESULTS UK is an international NGO that uses advocacy and campaigning to bring an end to extreme poverty.  We seek to make change in the world by utilising a combination of Grassroots advocacy,...Read More »

The shifting sands of health

This guest blog was written by Jim Calverley, Parliamentary Advocacy Officer (Child Health) at RESULTS UK Kenya is one of many developing countries that has recently graduated from being a low income country (LIC) to a lower middle income country (LMIC). This should be a good thing – middle income countries...Read More »

Progress and Perseverance: Reflections on World Population Day

This blog was cross-posted from Chemonics and written by James Griffin, Director in Chemonics’ Health Practice. A health worker in the Philippines explains the contraceptive pill. About 225 million women in developing countries want to prevent pregnancy but are not using effective contraceptives. World Population Day (July 11) is a time for us...Read More »

Food for thought: How nutritional programming can ease the burden of HIV/AIDS in Uganda

This guest post was provided by Tahiya Alam, Cardno Emerging Markets The United States remains at the forefront of increasing global trends targeting nutrition as a vital component for global health programming. In its far-reaching 2014-2025 Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) reaffirms its commitment to global nutrition...Read More »

Five things to know about the first-ever global progress report on universal health coverage

This blog was cross-posted from The World Bank and written by GHC Board Member Robert Marten  Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending the launch of a new global report that provides the clearest picture to date of countries’ progress moving toward universal health coverage (UHC). UHC is critical for building...Read More »

From West Africa to South Korea, No Pause between Outbreaks

This blog was cross-posted from IntraHealth International and written by Allison Annette Foster and Aanjalie Collure As nurses prepare to gather in Seoul, South Korea, later this week for the annual International Council of Nursing’s 2015 Conference, the country is experiencing an alarming outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS...Read More »

Sharing Strategies for Integrating Maternal and Newborn Care: Strengthening the Continuum

This guest blog was written by Amy Boldosser-Boesch, Interim President and CEO of Family Care International (FCI) The global health community gathered on Tuesday evening, May 19 to recognize the importance of integrating maternal and newborn care and to celebrate the release of the Every Newborn Action Plan (ENAP) Progress Report May...Read More »

How Do We Measure Success in Health in the Post-2015 Agenda?

This blog was cross-posted from Chemonics and written by Dr. Oscar Cordon. Today, a global summit begins in Washington, D.C. to discuss how to measure health results in the next set of development goals. As we move ever-closer to defining shared health goals for post-2015 development agenda, we must also take the time...Read More »

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