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Young leaders of global health ask for a seat at the table if they are to be the ones to usher in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This blog was written by Caity Jackson, Co-Founder & Communications, Women in Global Health and Director of European Engagement, CFHI. It summarizes Panel 4 from the GHLS 2015 Symposium titled Young Global Leaders Reflect – How Will I Shape the SDGs? The 2015 Global Health Landscape Symposium’s final panel, ‘Young Global Leaders Reflect: How...Read More »

The Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative Launches at GHLS 2015

This blog was written by Caity Jackson, Co-Founder & Director of Communications, Women in Global Health. It summarizes the launch of the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative that took place at the GHLS 2015 Landscape Symposium on November 19, in Washington, DC.  At the recent Global Health Council’s Global Health Leadership...Read More »

Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Global Health

This blog was written by Rachel Sellstone, a Global Health Policy Research Intern at CSIS and GlobeMed Alumni. It summarizes Panel 2 from the GHLS 2015 Symposium titled Financing Health in the SDGs: What Does it Take to Open a Closed Universe of Funding? GHLS 2015 Panel 2: Financing Health in the SDGs: What...Read More »

Three Ways to Achieve Meaningful Accountability

This blog was written by So Yoon Sim (@YoonieSim), a graduate student at Johns Hopkins SAIS and Bloomberg School of Public Health and former Global Health Corps fellow. It summarizes Panel 3 from the GHLS 2015 Symposium titled Meaningful Accountability: Rethinking Roles and Responsibilities in the SDG Era. GHLS 2015 Panel 3: Meaningful...Read More »

Improving Childhood Nutrition in Rural Vietnam

This blog was provided by Abbott. A Partnership Between Abbott, the Abbott Fund, AmeriCares and the Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation For many children in rural and economically depressed Vietnamese communities, malnutrition and poor health are often the predominant challenge to their success in early childhood education. In 2004, the Giao Diem Humanitarian...Read More »

World Prematurity Day Tackles the Leading Cause of Child Deaths

This guest post was written by Janna Patterson, Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH) team. Photo courtesy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Born in the United States after only 26 weeks of pregnancy, “Jimmy” could not breathe on his own and...Read More »

The Real Gamechanger for Women’s Empowerment Initiatives – Family Planning

This guest post was writte by Carolyn Rodehau, Population Council The makeup of the workforce has changed worldwide. Increasingly, women have become a driving force in our global economy particularly in developing economies. Many institutions, including multinational companies – from Nike to Walmart to KPMG – have recognized the need to proactively...Read More »

Delivering Health Services to Women and Children: How Supply Chains Can Accelerate SDG 3

This guest post was written by Kaitlin Christenson, Interim Director, Advocacy and Public Policy, PATH and Ellen T. Tompsett, Senior Program Officer, Reducing Stockouts, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition As the excitement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) summit has quieted down, countries are beginning to address the daunting challenge of meeting...Read More »

HITSystem: A Pound of Prevention

This blog was provided by Global Health Innovations. The notion of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is nothing new, but it’s a concept that takes on particular significance in the battle against HIV – where an ounce of prevention is priceless because, for the time being, there...Read More »

Taxing Unhealthy Foods and Beverages: A Burden or Blessing for the Poor?

This guess post was written by Sharon Nakhimovsky, Senior Analyst at Abt Associates Obesity is rising in the developing world. Foods and beverages high in calories but low in nutritional value are inexpensive and are becoming even more so, while the price of staple foods such as maize and wheat is...Read More »

Cardiovascular Disease and its Colossal Toll

This guest post was written by Andrea Feigl, Natasha Sakolsky, and Elizabeth MacGregor-Skinner from Abt Associates Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide. More than 17.3 million people died due to heart disease in 2013, the latest data available. What’s worse, the number of CVD deaths is increasing, especially...Read More »

Integrate or Bust! What We Know about Cost-Effectiveness of Integrated Provision of Care

This guest post was written by Andrea Feigl, Abt Associates With the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals from Sept. 25 – 27 in New York City, universal healthcare and non-communicable diseases have become a prominent part of the international development agenda. This could mean that disease-specific, vertical funding and implementation approaches...Read More »

Nix-TB: Testing a Cure for XDR-TB

Earlier this year, TB Alliance and partners launched a unique and groundbreaking clinical trial, known as Nix-TB (New Investigational Drugs for XDR-TB), to evaluate a completely new combination therapy for XDR-TB (extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis). The all-oral regimen is comprised of drugs with minimal pre-existing resistance, and has the potential to shorten,...Read More »

Financing Demystified

Figure 1 shows the how much money differentsources provided for SRHR in 2012. From Financing Demystified, IPPF, October 2015. From International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) Financing Demystified is the last in a series of advocacy tools on financing for reproductive health supplies and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR). With support...Read More »

Health Workers Count in Leadership and Management

This blog was cross-posted from the Leadership, Management & Governance Project, and written by Jason Wright, Project Director.  On September 22 in New York, I represented Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and the Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project at a Johnson & Johnson (J&J)-sponsored event entitled “Leadership and Management Training:...Read More »

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