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Member Spotlight: AIHM

This post was provided by GHC Member, AIHM  AIHM is a membership-based organization and the leading provider of inter-professional education to health professionals in Integrative Health & Medicine. As an organization, AIHM leaders believe that global health professionals must consider the social conditions that perpetuate disease, the undeniable connection that exists between...Read More »

Inspiring Solutions That Save Lives & Support Development – 2016 Edition

This guest blog was provided by GHC partner, Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) Humanitarian stakeholders face a number of interconnected current or emerging challenges, including climate change, ever-growing refugee crisis, as well as water scarcity and food insecurity. Science and technological innovations play a critical role in contributing to effective aid...Read More »

Feedback from the Civil Society Hearing in support of the preparatory process towards the High Level meeting on HIV/AIDS

This blog was written by Marielle Hart, and provided by GHC Member, International HIV/AIDS Alliance From June 8-10, 2016,  a High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS which take place in New York, in which UN Member States will review the progress achieved in realizing the Declaration on Commitment on HIV/AIDS and the Political Declarations...Read More »

Zika Emergency Funding

Last week, the White House requested that unobligated Ebola funding be reprogrammed to combat the Zika virus. The President had previously requested $1.9 billion emergency funding, but the request had stalled as Republican appropriators pushed for the use of unobligated funds. It is unclear which accounts the funding will come...Read More »

FY17 Appropriations Update

This week, the Senate released the spending allocations, known as 302(b), for the 12 appropriations bills. The State Foreign Operations appropriations bill (which funds the majority of the International Affairs budget) received $52.1 billion for FY17, down about 1% ($600 million) from the current levels. The Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill received...Read More »

The Unforeseen Consequences of Pandemics on Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)

By Dr. Christine Sow, President & Executive Director, Global Health Council © 2000 Alex Zusman, Courtesy of Photoshare When HIV/AIDS was first identified in the early 1980s, it was labeled as a “gay” disease, and thus immediately linked to one aspect of sexuality. As the world learned more about it, we learned...Read More »

2016 World Health Day: Beat Diabetes

This blog was written by Liz Sanders MPH, RD and cross-posted from GHC Member, International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation.  Diabetes is one of the “big four” non-communicable diseases, along with cancers, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory diseases.  In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide nearly one in 10 adults live with diabetes. The WHO...Read More »

TFGH16 Photo Contest - Win Free Airline Tickets!

Enter the Photo Contest & Win Airline Tickets! Participate in TFGH16 photo contest hosted by the Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) II! Share your favorite photos from TFGH16 for a chance at winning TWO FREE airline tickets anywhere in the Continental US on Delta Airlines. How to enter: • Photos must be taken during the event...Read More »

Increasing Competition in Pharmaceuticals Act

In early March, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee approved the “Adding Zika Virus to the FDA Priority Review Voucher Program Act” (S.2152). The bill has now been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. During the hearing Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) spoke about her...Read More »

WaSH Policy Research Digest

This WaSH Policy Research Digest, published by The Water Institute at UNC, provides a review of a 2015 WHO and UNICEF report on the status of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in health care facilities in low and middle income countries. In addition, The Water Institute co-authored with WHO and...Read More »

The Global Health community mourns the passing of Ward Cates

The blog was written by Christine Sow, President and Executive Director of Global Health Council. The global health community was deeply saddened this month to learn of the death of Ward Cates. Ward was among the most prolific voices in global public health. He published more than 170 original scientific publications...Read More »


This blog was provided by GHC Member, IMA World Health. Contributed by MAF/LuAnne Cadd. The number of displaced people is staggering. One of the greatest issues that arises when a massive movement of people occurs is access to health facilities. (MAF/LuAnne Cadd) The town of Kodok sits on the western side of the Nile River...Read More »

Public Television’s Global Health Frontiers Debuts Four-Part Newsmagazine Series

This guest post was provided by Hellman Communications. Premieres on WORLD Channel Thursday, March 31 2016 (check local listings) The acclaimed public television documentary series Global Health Frontiers expands to a weekly newsmagazine with four one-hour episodes combining compelling journalism from the leading edges of global health developments with a fast-paced and energetic style. Within...Read More »

Water Failures Are Putting the World’s Health at Risk

This op-ed was cross-posted from TIME Magazine, and written by Dr. Christine Sow, President and Executive Director of GHC, and Susan Barnett, Founder of Faiths for Safe Water A man wades through a garbage filled water canal in downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Feb. 28, 2016. Scientists believe cholera was introduced to the country’s...Read More »

Time to keep the promises of achieving sanitation and water for all

This blog was written by Barbara Frost, and cross-posted from WaterAid This week the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) partnership gathers sector ministers here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to plan a journey towards the time when our world changes forever: 2030. The United Nations has committed to realizing the Global Goals...Read More »

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