GHC Statement on the Release of President Biden’s FY2022 Budget

May 28, 2021


Washington, D.C. (May 28, 2021) – The Biden Administration released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget proposal today, which contains approximately $63.7 billion for the international affairs budget. Global Health Council has been working with lawmakers in anticipation of today’s release and, as expected, President Biden’s budget includes $10 billion for global health programs.  

Today’s budget confirms the Biden-Harris Administration’s intention to position the United States as a leader on the global stage and we are encouraged by the commitment to support and strengthen our global health investments as countries around the world face increased demands for health care in light of COVID-19. “Global Health Council believes that the United States and other nations must help to ensure access to high-quality essential health services and work to create equitable, resilient health systems,” said John Ariale, Interim President & Executive Director. 

Throughout this week, Global Health Council participated in the 74th World Health Assembly at which countries presented their views and worked on a variety of global health issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic. “The ongoing WHA deliberations showcase some of the challenges health systems around the world have yet to successfully overcome. This budget provides a modest increase to global health accounts, which will help to problem-solve, especially in areas where vaccines or other lifesaving tools have not been readily available,” said John. Global Health Council recognizes that there is far more to be done to meet our goals and address growing global health needs, due to a decade of near flat funding and the compounding impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Health Council stands ready to continue working with Congress and the Administration to advocate for the necessary tools and resources to improve U.S. global health programs.

Read our budget recommendations here.

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