Supporting Global Health at the CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Conference 2019


Last week, the Global Health Council (GHC) attended the CORE Group’s Global Health Practitioner Conference (GHPC19) in Bethesda, Maryland. We had a wonderful time connecting with attendees and sharing why it’s so important for us to amplify the voice of the global health community. Several of our members also sponsored the Expo as well, including Chemonics, Global Impact, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Last Mile Health, the Medtronic Foundation, Population Concern International, Save the Children, and World Vision. Together we make the global health community stronger!

While at the Expo, we pinged conference attendees and our followers on Instagram on why they support global health. See below for some awesome responses on why people worldwide support global health.

I support global health because …

  • it is a great return on investment! – Kate Hope, DefeatDD
  • we are one & no one should be left behind #HealthForAll – Sabrine Chengane, Advocate with the Global Health Council
  • everyone deserves the RIGHT to thrive. – Sarah Paige, CORE Group
  • people everywhere have the right to feel great! – Zoha Malik, Save the Children
  • good health is a gateway to a happy life! – Nyana Quashie, Global Health Council
  • global health issues affect everyone. – Dr. Sam Gwer, Afya Research Africa
  • a better healthier world every day matters – Gary Pollack, GoMo Health
  • we live in a global community! – Lauren Mawe and Taylor Hendricks, Last Mile Health
  • all children [need] to be vaccinated J – Carmen Vernon, Global Impact
  • healthcare is a human right that should be accessible to everyone! – @reet1990
  • as a nurse, our meaningful participation is key to equitable health systems worldwide! – @lloydjmn
  • to solve health problems, related sectors around the world need to be integrated as a system – @nurafidaha
  • because health is a human right – @njnikola

There are many reasons to support global health. No matter your reason, let’s make sure we all work together to promote a healthier world!

Want to share why you support global health. Add a comment below or share your response on Instagram using #GlobalHealthWorks. Be sure to tag us using @GlobalHealthCouncil.


This post was written by Nyana Quashie, Senior Associate, External Affairs at the Global Health Council.

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