WHA75: Agenda Items 16.2 and 16.4

May 27, 2022

Global Health Council presented the following statement at the 75th World Health Assembly to address agenda items 16.2: Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies and 16.4: Implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005).

WHO’s integral role throughout the pandemic has proven no alternative organization exists that is as inclusive, transparent, and willing to act equitably. This makes strengthening WHO all the more important.

We applaud the work of the WGPR to strengthen WHO preparedness and response to health emergencies, as well as the extension of the Working Group to consider improvements to the International Health Regulations. While preparedness and response are of the utmost importance, WHO and Member States must also incorporate a One Health approach when addressing public health emergencies, with particular attention to reducing the risk of spillover events.

Ensuring an equitable, effective, and coordinated response to any future health emergency requires a whole-of-government, whole-of-society approach. We encourage continued non-State actor engagement in WHO strengthening discussions, in line with WGPR processes. NSAs are critical actors in these policy deliberations and their meaningful engagement must be prioritized.