Civil Society Voices

Global Health Council brings together members and advocates for important U.S. and UN policy discussions focused on sound global health funding and legislation as well as key global health strategies. Our community of advocates, including those who might not ordinarily have a seat at the table, are increasingly becoming key players in these critical conversations. Our goal is to help elevate the voices of civil society to ensure all perspectives are included in decision making.

COVID-19 Impacts

COVID-19 brought to light the gross inequities faced by people who are marginalized and minority populations. But it’s also offered us a chance to amplify the voices of these often overlooked populations.

Across the globe, government responses to COVID were varied and fragmented. As variants continue to emerge, it is clear that this pandemic is far from over. So how can we ensure a more equitable response to the pandemic, and other critical health needs, moving forward?

In recent months, Global Health Council has evaluated this issue from many angles. We conducted an extensive literature review and listened to those most affected about their lived experiences. In our latest report, we use this information to highlight the challenges, triumphs, and shortcomings of the COVID-19 pandemic response and outline recommendations for a more equitable path forward. 

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AIM Grants

At the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Summit: Elevating Civil Society and Community Voices in Global Health, GHC facilitated workshops focused on turning advocacy into action. By participating in the workshop, organizations became eligible to submit a proposal for Global Health Council’s (GHC’s) first-ever Advocacy in Motion (AIM) Grants.

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