Member Spotlight: Amentum-PAE

August 29, 2022

About Amentum-PAE

Amentum is a premier global technical and engineering services partner supporting critical programs of national significance across defense, security, intelligence, energy, and the environment. We draw from a century-old heritage of operational excellence, mission focus, and successful execution underpinned by a strong culture of safety and ethics. Headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, we employ over 57,000 people in 48 U.S. states and 28 foreign countries and territories.

In February 2022, Amentum acquired Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE) to deliver agile and steadfast solutions to the U.S. government and host government partners. Amentum’s acquisition of PAE further enhances its capabilities across cybersecurity, technology, and critical mission services. Humanitarian assistance; conflict, stabilization, and solution; learning and data analytics; and institutional support services were added to Amentum’s scope through Macfadden & Associates, with USAID Global Health Bureau as our new client.

Our Global Humanitarian and Health Supply Chain Work

For 65 years, Amentum has carried out the supply chain and logistics stabilization operations for the U.S. government and the United Nations’ humanitarian response around the world. Amentum’s global humanitarian and health supply chain work spans decades of international logistics support, including staffing and managing Ebola treatment units in Liberia, building roads and airstrips in South Sudan, establishing camps, and rebuilding supply chains in post-earthquake areas. We boast of a global footprint and are working in some of the world’s most austere environments, including 32 African countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Antarctica. We have built more than 72 humanitarian camps and 10 Ebola treatment units, and led operations and maintenance of a 200-bed COVID-19 alternate healthcare facility (in just seven days), in Georgia and the Navajo Nation during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak.

With the challenge of resilience and agility of health supply chains in austere environments, Amentum’s rapid response to post-conflict supply chains in South Sudan, Afghanistan, Mali, and Niger; as well as its rapid response, in delivering commodities to test and treat Ebola and COVID-19, are solutions which can be applied to address other weaknesses in health supply chains. The next generation of global health supply chain practices can benefit from Amentum’s capabilities in private and defense industry operations towards equitable access to life-saving essential medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics in challenging post-conflict environments.

As global health practice continues to evolve, governments and implementing partners can no longer rely on the goodwill of donors and philanthropic organizations to fulfill the health needs of developing countries. Creativity and innovation, coupled with lessons learned from the matured supply chain industries of defense and humanitarian stabilization, are imperative to achieve health equity and resiliency in resource-limited settings. Global Health Council and the global health practice community must study alternative approaches from other industries and welcome fresh players in the healthcare industry to advance resilience in health systems supply chains.