This blog was provided by LifeSpring Pvt. Ltd. This program recieved a plaque of commendation in the Core Business Competencies category of the 2015 GHC-GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards. 

Since 2005 LifeSpring has taken on the challenge to provide high quality maternal and child health care at affordable rates for India’s low-income population through its expanding chain of affordable, high quality maternal hospitals.  LifeSpring has achieved financial sustainability and social impact, and contributed to improving efficiency and  effectiveness of public hospitals by showcasing the use of management techniques.

These innovative core management techniques showed great improvement of access to and the quality  of affordable maternal and basic newborn care:

— Complete re-engineering of the processes involved in the service delivery making the services affordable.
— Altering the finance structure by lowering capital investments and altering the cost structure to  minimize the working capital.
— Using information technology to closely monitor the pregnant women who are not regular in their antenatal check up and motivating them to regularize their antenatal check up.
— Following the marketing approach to place the hospital nearer to the communities, enlist newly pregnant women in the community and following up with them till delivery.
— Breaking the barrier between the pregnant women and doctors.
— Hardcoding clinical protocols in the form of standard antenatal examination records and delivery.
— Over 13,000 antenatal examinations and about 700 deliveries (including caesarean sections) are being managed by engaging only 17 non-clinical positions in the organizations. All the others, except community-based outreach workers, are engaged in providing clinical services.

Critical Success Factors

Presently, LifeSpring is offering its services in Hyderabad, India. It has established 12 small hospitals (20-25 beds), which offer antenatal services 360 days a year, 24 hour inpatient services, outreach to over 25,000 pregnant women, and deliver over 8,000 healthy babies annually (35,000 since 2005).  Through sustained campaigning, motivation and offering good services, the program has increased the average number of antenatal visits among women delivering at LifeSpring Hospitals to 8.33, achieved 0% severe anaemia, 0% maternal mortality, 0.2% maternal morbidity, and only 20% babies born under 2.5 kg.

With these achievements, LifeSpring Hospitals has become a member of the UN led Business Call to Action (BCtA) and IPIHD networks.