Notes from the webinar briefing webinar held October 24, 2016

(Please view the Presentation PowerPoint & webinar recording for concluding Q&A section as well as more details from presenters.)

On Monday, October 24, GHC and PMNCH hosted a one-hour webinar briefing on the upcoming Global Financing Facility (GFF) Investors Group (IG) meeting, which will be held November 3 – 4 in Tanzania.


The 4th GFF IG meeting will be held in Tanzania (November 3 – November 4)

  1. This meeting offers a great opportunity to interface with FP2020, which is having a Reference Group Meeting in Tanzania (October 30 – October 31)
  2. The idea is to have a synergy of joint meetings on November 1 that will include country partners. These meetings will extract lessons learnt and discuss issues related to family planning and reproductive health.

There will also be a Civil Society (CS) side-meeting on November 1 in advance of the GFF IG Meeting to assess where we are and develop a CS Engagement Strategy for the GFF IG.

Key GFF IG Agenda Items:

  1. Meeting will include a focus on the host country (Tanzania)
  2. Share experiences from Tanzania – a presentation from the Ministry of Health
  3. Hear from other countries in the room, extract lessons learned
  4. A joint session with FP2020 that will focus on Family Planning to identify key areas for GFF IG to prioritize and find opportunities for collaboration
  5. An update and recommendations from a Task Team that was formed on commodities and delivery
  6. A session on financing with a focus on domestic resource mobilization: How to support countries in increasing resources for health and overall budget?
  7. A review of progress on civil registration and vital statistics
  8. A review of recommendations on fragile settings
  9. An update on private sector engagement strategy
  10. An update on resource mobilization for the GFF and GFF countries
  11. Governance update
  12. CSO update on the CSO consultation

Civil Society Pre-Meeting on November 1:

  • Meeting will be held with CSOs to extract lessons learned to date in CS Engagement at country level; we hope to have at least one representative from each GFF country.

Focus Areas for the Pre-Meeting:

  1. How do we engage CS?
  2. What roles does CS play?
  3. How can CS be supported? (Planning, implementation, and accountability)
  4. What can we learn and understand from the experience of the GFF partners?
  5. Develop a CS Engagement Strategy

Additional Comments from Panelists:

  • Let us try to come up with clear and concise recommendations to guide the secretariat on the CSO engagement process.
  • Feedback from wider society is critical and despite the small representation at the meeting; there is large interest in the CSO engagement process, and we need to continue to encourage input.

Meeting on November 2:

  • A joint meeting with GFF IG and FP2020 delegates will provide opportunities to hear from CS specifically on issues of family planning and reproductive health, and identify opportunities for collaboration. There will also be an evening reception to continue this discussion.

Update on Progress in Countries and Status on Investment Cases:

  1. Four new countries have joined the GFF IG since the last meeting: Guinea, Myanmar, Guatemala, Sierra Leone
  2. India decided to pull out of the GFF
  3. More countries have also expressed interest
  4. Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania have completed Investment Cases
  5. Four other countries have almost completed Investment Cases
  6. Key focus areas for Investment Cases are Family Planning and Nutrition
  7. Equity: There has been prioritization of neglected areas in Investment Cases.
  8. Innovation and engagement of private sectors have played a key role

(Please view the Presentation PowerPoint & webinar recording for concluding Q&A section as well as more details from presenters.)

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