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Over the past two years, the GFF has created a new model with countries in the driver’s seat that brings together multiple sources of financing in a synergistic way to support national priorities. A key element of this model is drawing on the other sectors that influence health and nutrition outcomes, such as education, water and sanitation, and social protection.

Sixteen countries have benefited from the approach to date and many others are keen to join the GFF, but the generous initial contributions to the GFF Trust Fund from governments of Canada and Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and MSD for Mothers are fully committed. The first replenishment for the GFF Trust Fund is being launched to respond to the demand from countries that want to be part of the GFF. It seeks to mobilize an additional US$2 billion to enable the GFF process to be expanded over the period 2018–23 to the 50 countries facing the most significant needs—the existing 16 countries plus 34 new countries.