GHC submits statement on data and innovation: draft global strategy on digital health at 73rd World Health Assembly

November 09, 2020

Global Health Council notes the following:

Digital health is an integral part of the health system. The strategic use of digital health technologies is an essential enabling factor towards ensuring that 1 billion more people benefit from universal health coverage, are better protected from health emergencies, and enjoy better health and well-being.

We applaud WHO’s recommendation to adopt the Digital Health Strategy. Digital transformation of health care has proven potential to enhance health outcomes. However, digital health technology can be disruptive and many countries require support to develop and implement these strategies. We call upon WHO to ensure the Strategy will accelerate the development and adoption of appropriate, accessible, affordable, scalable, and sustainable person-centric digital health solutions.

We note the recommended policy actions that emphasize community-based models that reduce the burden of data collection from frontline workers by reorienting reporting-based tools into service delivery tools. Additionally, per the strategy’s recommendation, it is critical to establish evaluation models to monitor the contribution of digital systems to community health needs. 

The implementation of the Strategy and realization of the potential digitizing health systems requires the collective commitment and action of the global community through partnership and collaboration.