Global Health and the Future Role of the United States Report Released
The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics is releasing a report today on Global Health and the Future Role of the United States. In the report, the project committee makes the case for global health in light of current and emerging world threats. The report assesses the changing landscape of global health and outlines priorities for the U.S. government and key mechanisms by which global health engagement can be strengthened. A report launch event in Washington, DC, will be held on May 15, 2017, at which committee members will discuss the recommendations.

PATH Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation
On May 12, 1977, three family planning researchers – Gordon Duncan, Rich Mahoney, and Gordon Perkin — formed a small nonprofit organization with a mission of availing effective forms of modern contraception to couples around the world. The organization came to be known as PATH, and after succeeding at its early goals in contraceptive technology, it expanded its focus to include an array of health technologies. Today, PATH reaches an average of 150 million people in over 70 countries a year with life-saving innovations. The organization has garnered a reputation for excellence and collaboration, for partnering with the private sector, and for smart, effective solutions to global health problems. Congratulations PATH on this incredible milestone; GHC is proud to have you as a member. Read more.

A Call for Accountability to End Attacks on Health Facilities
The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC) released a new report which documents the alarming incidence of deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on health workers, patients, and health facilities during periods of armed conflict and civil unrest across the world. The report, Impunity Must End, is based on information received from UN agencies, independent non-government organization researchers, and local and international media in 23 countries that faced political turmoil and violence in 2016. SHCC is a coalition of more than 30 non-government organizations working to protect health workers and services threatened by civil war and unrest. Their latest report calls on the United Nations Security Council and countries to take concrete steps towards preventing attacks and ending impunity, as recommended last year by the UN Secretary General. Read the full report.

Integrating Health and Development to Save More Mothers
Johnson & Johnson, FHI 360, and UNICEF are working on a project to encourage the development of cross-sector partnerships delivering integrated solutions to end maternal and newborn deaths. The project, an online data tool, focuses on bridging critical data gaps in 16 countries where 70% of global newborn deaths are concentrated. Once completed, the Newborn Survival Map will provide a platform to expose cross-sector opportunities for closer collaboration among partners currently in close geographic proximity. In addition, the map will reveal critical gaps in cross-sector services that could prevent the deaths of many more pregnant women and newborns. To join this effort and get your project on the map, please create a new profile online.