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Africa Development Forum

May 21 @ 3:48 pm EDT

Africa Development Forum

What Should African Leaders Know to Accelerate the Achievement and Sustainability of Health Goals in the Post 2015 Agenda

Thursday, July 31

9:00am – 12:00pm

Chemonics International

Teele Auditorium

Panelists will discuss the lessons they have learned from their experiences and efforts working towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Designed to make a significant contribution to the upcoming African Leaders Summit, the panel will focus on ways leaders can leverage existing initiatives and experience to ensure healthy lives for every African. By discussing strategies for promoting, preventing, and treating the health of the whole person, they will be making an important shift in the conversation. Setting policy, developing plans, and coordinating and managing programs that deliver services across hundreds of hospitals and health centers requires resources and technical skills. This capacity needs to be quickly and effectively developed in most health systems where governance structures are vaguely defined.

The panelists will draw from the lessons learned from the MDGs to propose ways African leaders can meet and even go beyond the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4-Ensuring Healthy Lives targets in an efficient way that makes the best of all resources available and protects the poor. There are many important lessons to be learned and mistakes that must not to be repeated.

Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) is a relatively small percentage of the overall health budget and personal health expenditures in most countries, but is essential to bring solutions and innovation. Therefore, in addition to the strategic options to ensure healthy lives in Africa, the panel will also discuss principles of the Paris Declaration that have been endorsed by most African Leaders and particularly the principles of ownership and mutual accountability and how a new kind of partnership with donors needs to go beyond the traditional donor-recipient relationship.


Darius Mans, Africare (moderator)

Elvira Beracochea, Founder and CEO, MIDEGO (introductory remarks)

Akudo Ikemba, CEO, Friends Africa (respondent)

Special thanks to SID-Washington’s International Health and Nutrition Workgroup Co-chairs: Ellen Eiseman, Director, Health Practice, Chemonics International, and Elvira Beracochea, Founder and CEO, MIDEGO

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May 21
3:48 pm UTC-4