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President Obama's FY2013 Budget Request Leaves Global Health Goals in Doubt

GHC Senior Policy Manager Craig Moscetti breaks down the President’s global health budget numbers President Obama released his Fiscal Year 2013 budget request yesterday, showing an essential flat-line in international affairs funding, but a $300 million cut to U.S. global health programs, a 4% decrease from levels enacted last year. Most global health issues were…

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Drought & Famine: PReventing History From Repeating Itself

The current drought and famine in East Africa? We saw it coming says International Medical Corps’ Margaret Aguirre.   In the humanitarian world, there are the disasters you see coming, and the ones you don’t. We didn’t foresee the massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti … the devastating floods in Pakistan… the earthquake and tsunami in…

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Recognizing Value in Longer-Term Investments in Health Worker Ed

Nursing students in Liberia receive skills to care for people with HIV and TB For the first time in many decades, nursing students in Liberia are receiving the fundamental skills needed to competently care for people suffering from HIV, TB, malaria and other diseases that kill thousands every year in Western Africa. Sound elemental? It…

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