CDC Seeks to Establish Evidence Base for Global Health Security Efforts

Submit proposals to CDC using this form; proposal submission instructions are below.


Final Deadline for Proposal Submissions:  January 31, 2019

To achieve compliance with the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations (IHR), all countries must have their own capacity to rapidly detect and control public health threats at their source. Establishing and sustaining such capacities requires specialized expertise and sustained investments in public health workforce development and surveillance, laboratory systems, emergency management, and outbreak response systems. To strengthen the evidence base for the most efficient and impactful implementation strategies that enhance global health security, a special supplement of the Health Security Journal will be devoted to manuscripts reporting public health research that identifies effective approaches for building core public health capacities in partner countries and enhancing global health security.

For the July/August 2019 special supplement to be entitled “What Works? Lessons Learned in Global Health Security Implementation”, CDC and Health Security journal editors are actively soliciting papers that contribute to the lessons learned in the development and implementation of the most effective approaches for building global health security capacity and responding to global public health threats. Papers that include implementation science, impact and evaluation assessments, and economic analyses are especially encouraged. See below for a list of sample topics.


Example Topics:

  • Review of existing systems to determine needed number of trained field epidemiologists and surveillance officers per population or per sub-national jurisdictional unit to appropriately detect, respond to, and prevent and control public health threats
  • Development and implementation of National Action Plans for Health Security and Joint External Evaluations: Lessons Learned
  • Assessment of costs, effectiveness, and/or efficiency of different models of public health workforce development programs
  • Cost-effectiveness studies to compare different models of laboratory specimen transport systems and provide recommendations for best practices
  • Examination of health systems to quantify the impact of having several vertical public health surveillance programs (e.g., HIV, TB, EPI, malaria, influenza) with an integrated surveillance system
  • Evaluation studies to compare costs and effectiveness of different interventions in humanitarian and other public health emergencies
  • Development of best practices for program implementation

Articles on other aspects of most effective implementation approaches for advancing countries’ IHR compliance are also welcome.


Information for Authors

The Health Security supplement devoted to lessons learned from global health security implementation and has a target publication date of July/August 2019. All submissions will undergo a peer-review process. Scholarly and review articles, descriptions of practice, and opinion and commentary pieces are also welcome. Manuscripts can be up to 5,000 words exclusive of the abstract, tables, figures, and references. Please consult the journal website for specific submission instructions (


Submission of a Brief Concept Proposal

To be considered for inclusion in the supplement, authors should submit a brief concept proposal using the attached template to Mr. Taylor Mann at by January 31st, 2019. Proposals should include the following information: (1) proposed title, (2) primary and secondary global health security implementation topic areas, (3) public health impact of the implementation/intervention/activity, (4) methods, data and/or analysis to be included in the manuscript, and (5) description of how the work contributes to lessons learned in global health security implementation. The proposal should provide sufficient details of the proposed manuscript to support a judgement that the proposed manuscript is appropriate for potential inclusion in the supplement.

Deadline for submitting concept proposals is January 31, 2019.



Submission of a Manuscript

All submitted manuscripts will undergo routine independent peer-review by Health Security. Manuscripts with CDC co-author(s) must undergo CDC clearance prior to submission to the journal; other submissions will be submitted to CDC prior to journal submission. CDC cleared manuscripts should be submitted via Health Security’s online manuscript submission system.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts to Health Security for the supplement is April 12, 2019.

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