Elevating critical global health messages by promoting the work of members and advocates.

  • Co-writing an op-ed in Global Health NOW about PEPFAR’s role in pandemic preparedness
  • Hosting 5+ webinars, including a co-hosted discussion on the efforts to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
  • Publishing 42 blog posts
  • Hosting in-person and virtual events to roll out the Global Health Briefing Book
  • Using our platforms to reach members and others in the global health community:
    • 49,000 followers on Twitter/X
    • 64,000 followers on Facebook
    • 6,685 followers on Instagram
    • 12,848 followers on LinkedIn
    • 8,932 subscribers to GHC’s newsletter
    • 61,000 annual visitors to GHC’s website
    • 362 YouTube channel subscribers and 87 hours of watch time
    • 1,252 registrations for webinars with 647 attendees