WHA 76 Agenda Item 16.1: Well-being and health promotion

May 22, 2023

Global Health Council thanks the assembly for the opportunity to comment on agenda item 16.1. We support the draft global framework for achieving well-being and emphasize the need for:

  1. Actionable government commitments for UHC to increase access and quality of health services, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable populations. 
  2. Integrating mental health into all health policies and programs to address comorbidities between mental health and physical health conditions such as HIV, TB, and NCDs
  3. Providing a comprehensive health benefits package that includes sexual and reproductive health services 
  4. Ensuring health systems, services, and facilities are more inclusive and accessible to persons living with disabilities; and 
  5. Strong social participation mechanisms that allow civil society to participate in the development and implementation of health policy.

Thank you.