World Health Assembly (#WHA70) Social Media Alerts

Day 1: Monday, May 22, 2017

Highlights from Yesterday

Check out the best of our social media coverage from our Welcome Reception and Women in Global Health’s Heroines of Health Dinner. Please share as much as you can.

{RETWEET} @globalgamechngr: Great kickoff to #WHA70, starting with @GlobalHealthOrg delegate mixer & capped off by @womeninGH partnership celebrating “health heroines.”

{RETWEET} @RonPiervincenzi: Excited to be here at #WHA70, looking forward to connecting with #globalhealth delegates and partners at @GlobalHealthOrg Welcome Reception

{RETWEET} @GlobalHealthOrg: A great start to #WHA70! Thank you to GHC board member @lenrubenstein for his inspirational remarks at our delegates Welcome Reception.

{RETWEET} @GlobalHealthOrg: We need to create an enabling environment for women – #WHODG candidate @SaniaNishtar #WomeninGH

{RETWEET} @FHWCoalition: Ugandan #nurse Samalie honored as #healthheroines2017 @ #WHA70 for inspiring work fighting #heartdisease. Her story:

{RETWEET} @womeninGH: Great to see @davidnabarro at #healthheroines2017 celebrating #womeningh. #Genderequality in #globalhealth needs great leadership! #wha70

{RETWEET} @PeterASinger: .@DrTedros — a champion of gender equality & #SRHR — with Heroines of Health #wha70

{RETWEET} @davidnabarro: Thank you @womeninGH for inviting me to #heroinesofhealth2017 event. Committed to #genderequality across WHO if I am #NextDG

In addition, GHC delegate Joseph Harris took some notes from yesterday’s Introduction to the World Health Assembly: A Briefing for Delegates at the Graduate Institute. Feel free to review and share!

Today’s Events

Today at 4 PM CET, we continue to cast a light on women leadership in global health with our event: Enabling Global Health Security through Health Systems Strengthening: Perspectives from Women Leaders. Help us spread the word:

{SHARE} #WHA70 kicks off today! A priority item on today’s agenda is #GlobalHealthSecurity. Join us for this discussion:

{SHARE} Join us today at 4 PM CET to hear women leaders share their perspectives on #GlobalHealthSecurity:  #WHA70

{SHARE} Women leaders offer unique perspectives on #GlobalHealthSecurity at #WHA70. Watch the live stream at 4PM CET:

Facebook Post:

{SHARE} In an increasingly interconnected world, where diseases know no borders, #GlobalHealthSecurity efforts are vital to protecting both health around the world and the health of American citizens. Follow us today as women leaders share unique perspectives on advancing global health security. #WHA70

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DAY 2: TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017

Highlights from yesterday

Yesterday, Dr. Margaret Chan gave her final address as WHO Director-General, and GHC co-hosted important conversations on two key agenda items: Global Health Security and Research & Development. Special thanks to all our partners for putting together informative discussions. Here are some of the day’s highlights:

{RETWEET} @globalgamechngr: GREAT to hear @HHSGov Secretary Price reiterate USG commitment to #globalhealth security, curbing impact on economy & stability. #WHA70

{RETWEET} @GlobalHealthOrg: Listen to civil society. Civil society can give citizens a face and voice – Dr. Margaret Chan @WHO DG #wha70

{RETWEET} @FHWCoalition: Building strong #healthsystems is necessary to prevent, detect & respond to #GlobalHealthSecurity threats -Ug health minister Aceng @ #WHA70

{RETWEET} @MBNalab: @BethCameron_DC: Synergized action & coordination among heath, security, finance sectors is needed to further GHS @GlobalHealthOrg#WHA70

{RETWEET} @GlobalHealthOrg: ICYMI: Here is a recording of our #GlobalHealthSecurity #WomenLeaders panel discussion: #WHA70

{RETWEET} @JBayNishi: Sabine Campe of SEEK: Need new mechanisms to incentivize private investments in global health R&D #wha70 @GHTCoalition

{RETWEET} @LibbyInTheSky: Are you at the World Health Assembly? Welcome to Geneva! We are @GlobalHealthOrg at #WHA70. Follow our live updates: 

Also check out and share GHC delegate blogs on Monday’s WHA side-events:

Enabling Global Health Security Through Health Systems Strengthening: Perspectives from Women Leaders – Anne Bell, USP

Attacks on healthcare. Where do we stand one year after the adoption of United Nations Security Council resolution 2286? – Len Rubenstein, Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Today’s Events

Today at 12 PM CET GHC is co-hosting a discussion on Priorities for the Next WHO Director-General with partners: Dentons, Harvard Global Health Institute, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), and U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). Secretary Thomas Price, U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services, will be our keynote speaker. This event will belive streamed. Please promote widely:

{SHARE} Day 2 at #WHA70: We are looking forward to the outcome of the #NextDG #WHOElection. Good luck to all the candidates!

{SHARE} The live webcast of today’s #WHA70 sessions begins at 9 AM CET. Tune in to follow the #NextDG #WHOElection:

{SHARE} Join us for a critical discussion on the #NextDG’s priorities – with keynote speaker @SecPriceMD @HHSgov. #WHA70

{SHARE} The #NextDG of @WHO should foster stronger relationships with civil society to advance #globalhealth: #WHOElection

{SHARE} What priorities should the #NextDG of @WHO work to address? @SecPriceMD @MarianMSH @j_heals weigh in at #WHA70.

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{SHARE} With the World Health Organization (WHO) slated to elect a new Director-General during the Seventieth World Health Assembly (WHA70), what is the potential impact new leadership can bring? Today, panelists from U.S. government, academia, the NGO community, and the private sector will hold a discussion on the implications of this election and its potential impact on the current fault lines of global health.

DAY 3: WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017

Highlights from yesterday

Yesterday, after three rounds of voting, member states elected Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as the next Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). He will take over from Dr. Margaret Chan on July 1, 2017.

Earlier this month, GHC hosted a small group discussion with Dr. Tedros, during which he expressed his commitment to working with civil society to address global health challenges. We look forward to connecting with Dr. Tedros and continuing to foster a valuable relationship with WHO under his leadership.

If you haven’t already, please join us again in congratulating Dr. Tedros with this easy {RETWEET}.

Below are more highlights from the WHO Director-General Election, including statements and reactions from some of our delegates and members.

{RETWEET} .@unfoundation Welcomes @DrTedros as the New Director-General of @WHO. #WHOElection #NextDG #WHA70 Read Statement:

{RETWEET} @PATHTweets: PATH congratulates #NextDG @DrTedros and urges his action to address #globalhealth challenges & @WHO reform … #WHA70

{RETWEET} @womeninGH: We congratulate @DrTedros @DrTedros4WHO for his new appointment. We look forward to following up on the commitment on #GenderEquality #WHA

{RETWEET} @davidnabarro: Congratulations to @DrTedros on his new role as Director-General of @WHO. I urge everyone to unite behind him & his vision #WHA70

{RETWEET} @SaniaNishtar: Congratulations @DrTedros on becoming Director-General of @WHO and @davidnabarro for a hard fought election.

{RETWEET} @GlobalHealthOrg: Closing remarks: Special thank you to Dr. Margaret Chan. We look forward to the #NextDG! #WHA70 @RonPiervincenzi@USPharmacopeia

{RETWEET} @USPharmacopeia: Wish list for 1st 100 days of #NextDG = 1) multi-sectoral approach 2)focus on prevention 3)gender equity per @JanMBeagle Exec Dir of @UNAIDS

{RETWEET} @USPharmacopeia: #NextDG needs to look at #globalhealth holistically & connect dots b/w SDGs & development, says @globalgamechngr Pres of @globalhealthorg

{RETWEET} @MBNalab: HHS Secretary Price on priorities for next DG: @WHO should be more effective, accountable, and transparent. @GlobalHealthOrg

{RETWEET} @GlobalHealthOrg: Did you miss our discussion on Priorities for the Next @WHO DG? Revisit the full recording: #WHA70 #WHOElection

As member states convene today to discuss Health Systems Strengthening, we would like to share a recap of our panel yesterday, Against All Odds: Strengthening Health Systems to Better Serve Vulnerable Women and Children.

{SHARE} #WHA70 Recap: Our diverse panel of delegates explores the challenges health systems face in complex settings:

{SHARE} ICYMI: How can we strengthen health systems to better serve women and children in complex settings? #WHA70

{SHARE} #HealthWorkers are critical to #HealthSystemsStrengthening. Our Heroine of Health, Samalie, shares her story: #WHA70