US House Appropriations Committee Cuts Foreign Assistance

“The House recently unveiled budget allocations with deep and disproportionate cuts to foreign assistance. This toolkit, created by InterAction, will help you understand what these cuts are, how they affect foreign assistance and give you some ways to speak out against them.

We are deeply troubled by the House’s proposed allocations for foreign assistance spending in FY2014. We expected some cuts (the House approved a smaller overall budget for 2014). But we are surprised and concerned by the severity of the proposed cuts to life-saving assistance – and that they’re disproportionate.

The State, Foreign Operations (SFOPs) bill faces at least a 15% cut under the House’s budget plan – and that’s on top of cuts from sequestration.* This is an account that funds programs from global health to food aid to peacekeeping forces. Meanwhile, the House is proposing spending increases for defense, the largest discretionary budget item, as well as for Homeland Security and the legislative branch (which covers congressional salaries). The argument that “we have to cut somewhere” no longer holds up when the cuts aren’t applied even-handedly. To propose a deep cut for some and increases for others is not sharing the burden.”

Read more of InterAction’s statement here.