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Leave No-one Behind in the Post-2015 Health Agenda

This blog was cross-posted from the Huffington Post and written by Dr Alvaro Bermejo, Executive Director, International HIV/AIDS Alliance. In just a few months’ time, the world will agree on a new set of global development goals which are expected to be more ambitious, more rights-based and more sustainable than the preceding Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Proposed targets…

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Researchers Working Together?

VIENNA, Austria – The 2010 International AIDS Conference fostered interesting discussion and debate on issues related to HIV/AIDS. One compelling and lively debate focused on the topic of equity in the relationship between researchers from developing countries and those from high-income countries. While noting that each relationship is different and that relationships in general have…

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A Proven HIV Strategy is Overshadowed by an Unproven One

VIENNA, Austria – Much of the excitement at the just-concluded AIDS conference here centered around the news of microbicidal trials that have shown to be almost 40% effective. While this is exciting and encouraging news, we are still years away from having this product on the market. Meanwhile, there is a proven and effective HIV strategy…

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