Switchpoint: Global Health Connections

GHC had the distinct pleasure to attend the Switchpoint Conference in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. Now in its third iteration, Switchpoint is the brainchild of Pape Gaye and Intrahealth International. While this two-day conference takes place in rural North Carolina well outside of the usual circles, it brings together a dynamic and envelope-pushing group of professionals who are rarely all found in the same setting. Global Health is certainly a key element of the conference agenda, but perhaps the most notable characteristic of Switchpoint is that it brings together thinkers from across a wide range of sectors, with an emphasis on using technology to do things differently.

I wouldn’t recommend going to Switchpoint if you’re looking for poster sessions and traditional thought panels. Rather, attending Switchpoint is more like engaging in mental yoga – you are presented with opportunities to engage in critical thinking, taking into account provocative ideas and work undertaken to solve the critical problems facing society. We talk about getting beyond our siloed approach and how hard this is; Switchpoint provides a model of what this platform might look like. Now the question is how can we continue the conversations started there to get us from downward dog to a full headstand? 

-Christine Sow
Executive Director

Check out some pictures from the conference:

Switchpoint pictures 2

Switchpoint pictures 2