Strong Global Health Leader Nominated as PEPFAR Coordinator

Washington, D.C. (January 10, 2014) – Global Health Council (GHC) would like to congratulate Dr. Deborah Birx on her nomination as  Ambassador at Large and Coordinator of United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS Globally at the Department of State. GHC is commends President Obama for nominating a strong global health leader to coordinate the U.S. Government’s critically important response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. This appointment, along with the recent reauthorization of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), sends a clear message that the U.S. remains committed to addressing HIV/AIDS on a global scale and is ready to provide the leadership and resources necessary to combat this devastating disease.

“Dr. Birx’s longtime commitment to developing effective and strategic responses to the disease, most recently through her position as Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Global HIV/AIDS Division, attests to the breadth of expertise and experience she brings to the position.  We look forward to working with her to support the U.S. response and optimizing the power of global partnerships in addressing the disease,” said Dr. Christine Sow, Executive Director, GHC.


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