Return on Innovation: Learn how global health R&D delivers for your state


On May 1, Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) launched a new analysis and online tool examining the benefits of global health research and development (R&D) to each state. As Congressional policymakers work on the FY2019 budget amidst the backdrop of the Administration’s proposed cuts to global health and medical research, this is an important moment to draw attention to how US investments in global health R&D are advancing healthier, more prosperous communities abroad, while also delivering economic and health benefits at home. Read more.

About GHTC:

GHTC works to save and improve lives by encouraging the research and development of essential health technologies. We bring together more than 25 nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and aligned businesses to advance policies to accelerate the creation of new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and other tools that bring healthy lives within reach for all people.