Reflections on TFGH14: An event unlike any other

For the approximately 400 people that attended last Friday night, The Future of Global Health 2014 (TFGH14) was not a “typical DC” conference. From 8:30 to midnight, the Hamilton Live buzzed as leading global health experts, mentors, students and young professionals participated in a night of global health discussion, music, and connections.

Designed to stimulate thought provoking conversation around the future of global health, TFGH14 was an exciting and unique opportunity for global health professionals. The goal of GHC was to bring global health out of the conference halls and hotel ballrooms and into a dynamic setting where people can freely exchange ideas and connect.  It provided a place for the newest class of global health professionals to learn from and engage with their more experienced peers. We made lasting connections, encouraged the next generation of global health leaders, and had fun while doing it.

As evidenced by the number of conversations I heard stretching late into the night, the event was a success. I wandered the floor, joining discussions about healthy women and mothers, using social media to transmit educational messages about health, and debates about what the “right” future career path was for a young global health professional.

There is much to be gained from learning and sharing ideas across the global health community—especially for young people interested in the field, and we hope this event was able to play a small part in that experience.

Check out some pictures from the night below and stay tuned for more stories and media from the night.

-Dr. Christine Sow, Executive Director

TFGH14 Compilation