October 17, 2012: New Announcement from the Board of Directors

Dear Global Health Council Members,

We want to share some exciting and encouraging news regarding the future of the Global Health Council. As you are aware from previous GHC communications, a group of members (collectively called IMG, Interested Members of the Global Health Council) organized an open consultative process to explore options for a renewed GHC. You will find the conclusions of this process in “The Case for a new Global Health Coalition”. As you will see from this document, among the options they considered, the best approach was judged to be rebuilding from the existing GHC non-profit structure.

The first step in moving forward is to elect a new Board of Directors. Within the coming days, we will be seeking nominations to the Board. This will be an active, unpaid Board, with substantial time commitments, networking, membership development and fundraising responsibilities. Particularly during the first year, Board members will be required to participate in several meetings, develop fundraising strategies and materials, and play a role in leading the organization.

The nomination materials will include information to be provided by each potential candidate. Candidates who have successfully completed the nomination process will be forwarded to the membership for a vote.

The key dates for the election of new board are:

  • October 22: Formal Call for Nominations
  • November 5: Nomination Period Closes
  • November 19: Ballot of Board Nominees distributed to GHC members
  • December 3: Voting Period Closes
  • December 7: Announcement of new GHC Board of Directors

We look forward to working with you as the renewed Global Health Council takes these next steps and begins a new chapter of progress.

The Board of Directors