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PRESS RELEASE: Lilly Announces Ambitious New Commitment To Expand Global Access To Health Care

This guest post was provided by GHC Member, Eli Lilly and Company

Company-wide goal established to provide improved access to quality health care for 30 million people in resource-limited settings by 2030


Lilly Global Health Partnership launched with new five-year, $90 million investment...Read More »

A Shared Voice for Global Health

Jono Quick, Chair of the GHC Board of Directors was featured in the November edition of International Innovation.  In the interview, Quick discusses GHC’s launch, it’s goals, and the challenges facing the organization moving forward. 

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International Innovation...Read More »

Girls and Migration: Best Practice for a Growing Trend

This article was originally published in the Guardian 

It’s increasingly a fact of life that adolescent girls in developing countries are migrating to cities in large numbers. With the right support it can be a positive experience.

Adolescent girls in developing countries are migrating to cities in large numbers. Effective policies...Read More »

Women’s Rights and World Population: A Conversation with Suzanne Ehlers

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Figuring out that to effectively curb our exploding population growth we must invest in women’s health & rights is nothing new. But for some reason, we still have not ensured that we actually make those investments.

In fact, just last week the United Nations announced...Read More »

Supreme Court Stands with NGOs in Landmark Free Speech Ruling

This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post’s Impact Blog

Today, NGOs scored a major legal victory when the Supreme Court ruled 6-2 that a USAID policy requirement infringed upon Americans’ right to free speech. The case, USAID v AOSI, challenges a 2003 law that requires all groups receiving U.S...Read More »

GHC Board Member Suzanne Ehlers Responds to UN Population Projections in Africa

This post was originally published in Impatient Optimists 

A Woman’s Worth


June 13, 2013

A walk to her local clinic may take several hours. She may have to wait in line. She may have to go back several times before she can get the method she needs. She may even get...Read More »

Save the Children CEO: ‘Wanting to do good is not enough’

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With a budget of $1.6 billion a year, a global staff of 14,000 and operations in 120 countries, Jasmine Whitbread could be in charge of a multinational corporation.

In fact, she is head of the charity, Save the Children International.

As the first global chief...Read More »

After a Decade, Global AIDS Program at a Crossroads

This post was originally published in the the Daily Herald 

The decade-old law that transformed the battle against HIV and AIDS in developing countries is at a crossroads. The dream of future generations freed from epidemic is running up against an era of economic recovery and harsh budget cuts.

The President’s...Read More »

Video: Johns Hopkins’ Leonard Rubenstein on the Attacks on Syria’s Medical Personnel and Facilities

CSIS’s Beverly Kirk speaks with Leonard Rubenstein from the Johns Hopkins Bllomberg School of Public Health about the alarming attacks in Syria on medical personnel and facilities.

Watch the video here.

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DC World Malaria Day Event Celebrates the Impact of US Investment

This post originally appeared on Making Malaria History

On Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, more than 120 policymakers and malaria advocates attended the World Malaria Day briefing luncheon sponsored by PATH, the United Nations Foundation, Global Health Technologies Coalition, Malaria No More, World Vision, Friends of the Global Fight, and...Read More »

This post originally appeared on the Huffington

If We Want an AIDS-Free Generation, Why Are We Cutting PEPFAR?

he persistent shortchanging of PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, is one of the more significant and perplexing trends in America’s global health policy. Funding for PEPFAR (America’s bilateral global...Read More »

Friends Africa Lobbies for Support for the Global Fund

This post originally appeared on EU Africa Chamber of Commerce’s website

Friends of the Global Fund Africa, which is also known as Friends Africa, was started in May 2006 by Dr Akudo Anyanwu Ikemba to lobby African governments, the private sector and civil society to raise money for the Global...Read More »