Leading Global Health Partnership Initiatives Recognized by the Business Action on Health Awards


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Leading Global Health Partnership Initiatives Recognized by the Business Action on Health Awards

Inaugural Global Health Council Symposium Features Innovative, Multi-Sector Approaches to Global Health Challenges

Washington, DC – On December 10, the global health community will honor several standout corporations and their partners for their groundbreaking global health initiatives.

Following a high-level symposium hosted by the Global Health Council (GHC), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Unilever, Shell, Association Saude Crianca, Cycle Technologies and the group of Accenture, Amref Health Africa, & Vodafone will receive one of the most coveted honors in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arena: the GHC-GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards.

Part of the inaugural symposium of GHC’s Global Health Leadership Series, The Future of Global Health: Defining the Multi-Sector Landscape, the awards ceremony recognizes the organizations for their innovative, multi-sector approaches to today’s most pressing health challenges. Honorees were selected by an independent panel of 16 global health leaders.

In the Community Investment category, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will be honored for their “20% Reinvestment Initiative,” and commendations given to Shell for their “Obio Community Health Insurance Scheme,” and Association Saude Crianca for their “integral perspective of health – Saúde Criança/Brazil Child Health” program.

In the Partnership/Collective Action category, Unilever’s program “Lifebuoy-changing hand washing habits to save lives” will be awarded top honors, with commendations to the Accenture, Amref Health Africa, & Vodafone group for the “Health Enablement & Learning Platform (HELP)” and to Cycle Technologies for its “Solutions for Unmet Need in Family Planning” program.

“We are proud to partner with GBCHealth to call attention to initiatives that are working with communities to make positive, measurable changes in their health and well-being,” said GHC Executive Director Dr. Christine Sow. “The purpose of the symposium and the Global Health Leadership series is to support these efforts and to continue working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals and building a strong place for health in the post-2015 development agenda.”

The December 10 symposium will feature discussions of the opportunities and challenges faced by those committed to improving global health through cross-sector partnership. Sponsored by corporate and non-profit leaders including the AbbVie Foundation, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), the event will bring together high-level international development partners, civil society representatives and corporate interests active in the global health arena. The plenary session will feature a discussion on women’s empowerment, global health and economic growth spearheaded by Dr. Jonathan Quick, CEO of Management Sciences for Health, a $300 million global health nonprofit organization. The Honorable Adam Smith (D, WA) has been announced as the afternoon’s keynote speaker.

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