As the shared voice of the global health community, Global Health Council (GHC) facilitates critical discussion around global health priorities and advocates for improved investments and policies to advance the global health agenda. GHC actively supports its members to work toward equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions to global health challenges. GHC members including leading global health NGOs, private sector corporations, universities and individual global health experts and students.

GHC is currently comprised of organizational members and hundreds of individuals – all committed to the mission of improving health globally through increased investment, robust policies and the power of the collective voice. Sectors represented include:

  • Non-profit international development organizations (NGOs)
  • For-profit international development organizations (Contractors)
  • Corporations/Private Business
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Universities
  • Foundations
  • Individuals

As “hands on” actors in the global health space, our members serve to raise awareness and mobilize funding for global health issues while carrying out important work from innovation through implementation. In 2014, GHC member organizations:

  • Operated in more than 150 countries worldwide
  • Supported programming in MCH, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, NTDs, NCDs, R&D, WASH, Nutrition, Health Systems Strengthening and many other areas
  • Were headquartered across more than 16 US states
  • Had a combined annual revenue of over $40 billion

This diversity of membership is what makes GHC’s presence within the global health landscape so strong, and is the basis for many of GHC’s activities and approaches.

Additionally, GHC works closely in partnership with a number of additional organizations that are key stakeholders in the global health space. These include other coalitions and alliances, government agencies and multilateral institutions.

Please take some time to explore what membership could mean for your organization or you. Also consider making a donation to help support GHC’s work towards ensuring robust funding and visibility of global health.

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