GHC-Sponsored Panel Discussion


Action for Global Health, the Global Health Council, and Global Health South held an important event this week, The Road Forward: What’s Next for Global Health? at the UN General Assembly this week. This collaboration is the first of many for the group, bringing together crossectoral networks on Global Health. The three are coming together to maximize the reach of each individual network, maximize influence with decision-makers worldwide, and serve as a strong voice for policies benefiting the countries in which they work. Together, these diverse networks are advancing a new framework for global health that considers the changing dynamics of health, addressing issues including global health financing mechanisms, leadership and accountability, universal health care and strengthened health systems. Through its collaborative efforts, this collaboration provides members of each network with the information and resources necessary to affect change and achieve a healthy future for all.

This event includes a panel of experts discussing the hard questions regarding the road forward for health. New partners, new frameworks, new financing are all up for discussion.