World Antibiotic Awareness Week
The World Health Organization (WHO) ran a week-long campaign between November 14 – 20 to raise awareness on global antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices to avoid further emergence and spread. At an event hosted at the United Nations in New York, speakers addressed the challenges of antibiotic resistance and the risks faced particularly by mothers and children. The panel of experts urged policy makers, consumers, food producers, and the healthcare industry to each play their role in handling antibiotics with care and advocating for responsible antibiotic use. Read more.

International Conference for Drug Regulatory Authorities (Pre-Conference) 
As part of the International Conference for Drug Regulatory Authorities in Cape Town, South Africa, GHC member the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) will lead a panel discussion titled “Ensuring Quality of Medicines through Public Standards” on November 27 at 12:30 PM. This session will discuss how quality public standards are an essential component to an effective medicines regulatory system, and will introduce USP’s Global Health Standards Program, a collaborative, targeted investment towards providing standards for essential medicines that currently lack them. For more information please contact Brent Keener, Senior Manager of Partnerships.

Highlights from the ASTMH Annual Meeting 
GHC member the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) recently concluded its 65th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The five-day educational conference attracted approximately 44,000 professionals and students working in the field of hygiene, tropical medicine, and global health. Discussions on malaria, Zika, and neglected tropical diseases took center stage at the meeting. Visit the ASTMH Annual Meeting blog to catch up on all of the major highlights.

Women in Global Health at Emerging Voices for Global Health
This past week, WGH led a training workshop at Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH)  pre-conference, for emerging leaders that are involved in research in the global south to build their research skills, prior to the ‘Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research‘ in Vancouver, Canada. The WGH workshop focused on teaching participants to apply a gender equality lens in their workplaces, where they acknowledged they do notice a gender bias both at the individual level as well within their institutional space in research. Participants expressed that more needs to be done to address this bias and were grateful to go beyond conversations about the issue and engage in critical thinking about how they can implement change in their own space to create a more gender equal environment.

New PATH Blog Series
GHC member PATH has a new blog series called Strength in Connections that features the PATH-led USAID-funded APHIAplus Western Project in Kenya. The integrated health project is having a profound effect on the lives of children and adults by connecting conventional health care to a broad network of communities and services, providing a healthcare continuum to families. Maternal and child health clinics serve as an entry point for mothers and their babies, and then opportunities for contact expand as families grow. Read more.