WHO Releases New Report on Tuberculosis, Highlights Inequalities
New data published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its 2016 Global Tuberculosis (TB) Report shows that countries need to move much faster to prevent, detect, and treat TB if they are to meet global targets. The report highlights the considerable inequalities among countries in enabling people with TB to access existing cost-effective diagnosis and treatment interventions that can accelerate the rate of decline in TB worldwide. The report also signals the need for bold political commitment and increased funding. View the report.

GHSA Holds 3rd Ministerial Meeting in The Netherlands
Representatives from 55 countries convened in Rotterdam, The Netherlands between October 12 – 14 for the 3rd Ministerial Meeting of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA). The GHSA, a growing partnership of over 50 nations, international organizations, and non-government stakeholders, was established to help countries build effective responses to detect disease threats and bridge gaps in managing epidemics. Since its launch in 2014, the GHSA “has sparked historic commitments and kindled new momentum to establish global capacity to address devastating outbreaks,” according to a White House announcement about the meeting’s importance.

Deal to Decrease Price of Children’s Vaccine Could Save Millions of Lives
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance partners made a breakthrough deal with six pharmaceutical companies to lower the price of pentavalent vaccine by 50 percent. The Director of UNICEF supply and procurement headquarters, Shanelle Hall, says the price decrease will generate savings of over $336 million for donors and governments who finance the vaccine. Lower vaccine prices will also help avert an approximate 1.5 million deaths of children under five, which occur each year from illnesses preventable by the pentavalent vaccine. It has taken 16 years to bring down the price of the vaccine. Read more.

MSH Partners with Haitian Government to Rebuild Health System after Hurricane Matthew
GHC member Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a global health NGO with decades of experience in Haiti, was invited by the Haitian government to play an important role in the recovery efforts of the country’s health system in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. The storm, which killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands from their homes, has further weakened an already vulnerable health system by causing a cholera outbreak. MSH will establish a small branch in the southern region of Les Cayes, one of the most affected areas, to offer staff training and help develop the capacity of health professionals who are coordinating response in the region. View the press release.