GHC Featured in International Innovation

The Global Health Council and it’s new Executive Director Christine Sow are featured in the most recent edition of the International Innovation Magazine. Click here to see the full magazine, or read below for an excerpt of Dr.Sow’s interview, found here.  

What is GHC’s mission and why is GHC such an important force in global healthcare?

At GHC, we envision a world where health for all is ensured through equitable, inclusive and sustainable investment, policies and services. GHC is the shared voice of the global health community – it facilitates
critical discussion around global health priorities; advocates for improved investments and policies to advance the global health agenda; and supports its members to work toward equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions to global health challenges.

How has GHC evolved since its formation in 1972, and what are your hopes for its future? Do you have any plans to expand the network?

GHC – just like global health – has evolved significantly over the past 40 years. Our membership has expanded to include a variety of new sectors and new players in the global health field. We have also remained flexible to adjust to the burden of disease such as helping to raise awareness around issues such as maternal health and non-communicable diseases. I think we have also been able to better include global health research in the discussion and have a number of members that are global leaders in this field. We are very optimistic about the future of GHC….

Again, click here to read the full article.