December 22, 2012: New Board of Directors Elected

Certification of the 2012 Global Health Council Board of Directors Election

For the election of Global Health Council’s Board of Directors:

The published response deadline was December 19, 2012. At the close of the election, 137 ballots were received. Of these, 136 were electronic responses, 1 was received via email, 15 were disqualified due to duplication or lack of validation.

The 122 valid ballots received exceeded the quorum of 10% of the January 1, 2012 voting member population of 966. Of the valid ballots received, the following is the tally for the top 15 of the 21 proposed candidates placed on the ballot to fill 15 seats on the Board of Directors:

Lindsey Coates: 74 votes Akudo Anyanwu Ikemba: 83 votes
Chris Collins: 66 votes Keith Martin: 62 votes
Elizabeth (Liz) Creel: 66 votes Peter Ngatia: 78 votes
Patricia Daly: 76 votes Jonathan (Jono) Quick: 88 votes
Peter Donaldson: 71 votes Leonard Rubenstein: 67 votes
Suzanne Ehlers: 69 votes Rachel Wilson: 78 votes
Karen Goraleski: 63 votes Jason Taylor Wright: 68 votes

All terms expire December 31, 2015

Certified by: Christopher Gibbs 12/19/2012