December 2014: New Board of Directors Elected

Certification of the 2014 Global Health Council Board of Directors Ratification

For the ratification of candidates for the Global Health Council’s Board of Directors:

The published response deadline was December 12, 2014. At the close of the ratification, 47 ballots were received. All 47 ballots were received electronically via SurveyMonkey. There were 0 duplicate or invalid ballots.

The 47 valid ballots received exceeded the quorum of 10% of the January 1, 2014 voting member population of 297 organizational and individual members.

The following is the tally of responses for all candidates placed on the ballot to fill seats on the Board of Directors:

Ayo Ajayi
Karen Goraleski
Keith Martin
Nasserie Carew
Peter Donaldson 
Rachel Wilson
Robert Marten
Tracy Sims

*Board terms expire December 31, 2017

Letter of Certification can be made available upon request. Please contact

A majority of valid ballots having been cast for the candidates listed, they are hereby certified as elected.

Certified by: Global Impact 12/17/2014