About Us


Established in 1972, Global Health Council (GHC) is the leading membership organization supporting and connecting advocates, implementers and stakeholders around global health priorities worldwide. The organization is the collaborative voice of the global health community on global health issues; it convenes stakeholders around key global health priorities and actively engages key decision makers to influence health policy. Currently, Global Impact serves as the Secretariat for GHC.




To improve health globally through increased investment, robust policies and the power of the collective voice.




We envision a world where health for all is ensured through equitable, inclusive and sustainable investment, policies and services.




GHC’s Strategic Roadmap for 2014-2016


PHOTO CREDITS: A community volunteer teaches children the appropriate way to wash their hands at a healthy lifestyle summer camp in the Palestinian Territories. © 2012 Bassam Almohor/Chemonics International, Courtesy of Photoshare