2017 Global Health Landscape Symposium (GHLS 17) Social Media Toolkit

December 8, 2017
FHI 360 Conference Center
1825 Connecticut Ave. NW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC, 20009 United States

@GlobalHealthOrg  #GHLS17


Global Health Council (GHC)’s Global Health Landscape Symposium (GHLS17) is a one-day conference that will convene policy and program leads from global health organizations across multiple sectors. GHLS17 will encourage the asking and answering of difficult questions our sector faces about the current global health landscape and the future of global health.  We’re excited to announce that registration for this event is OPEN! View the GHLS17 webpage for the latest updates on speakers, agenda, and more.

As GHC members and partners, we hope that you can spread the word about registration, and promote this landmark event through your social media networks. Below is a selection of prepared tweets and Facebook posts for you to use as they are, or please feel free to personalize them. Remember to tag @GlobalHealthOrg (Twitter) and @globalhealthcouncil (Facebook), and utilize the hashtag #GHLS17. For questions, please contact events@globalhealth.org.

Timeline:  November 3, 2017 – December 5, 2017.                 

Sample Tweets:

1) [SHARE] Join @GlobalHealthOrg’s #GHLS17 to brainstorm #globalhealth solutions as a collective voice! www.globalhealth.org/ghls

2) [SHARE] Excited for @GlobalHealthOrg’s #GHLS17? Share ideas to navigate the #globalheath landscape! www.globalhealth.org/ghls 

3) [SHARE] Looking forward to hearing #globalhealth voices speak up @GlobalHealthOrg’s #GHLS17! www.globalhealth.org/ghls 

4) [SHARE] What works? What doesn’t? Find out @GlobalHealthOrg’s #GHLS17 on Dec. 8. Register by Dec. 5: www.globalhealth.org/ghls 

5) [SHARE] Participants from @COREGroupDC, @CGDev, @WorldVision & more @GlobalHealthOrg’s #GHLS17! www.globalhealth.org/ghls

6) [SHARE] Tickets are running out for @GlobalHealthOrg’s #GHLS17 so register now! Deadline is Dec. 5. www.globalhealth.org/ghls


Sample Facebook/Instagram posts:

1) [SHARE] Are you excited for Global Health Council’s [@globalhealthcouncil’s] Global Health Landscape Symposium? This landmark event will bring the voices of both speakers and participants to the forefront. Get ready to brainstorm #globalhealth solutions as one collective voice! More information on registration is available: www.globalhealth.org/ghls #GHLS17 

2) [SHARE] Don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend Global Health Council’s [@globalhealthcouncil’s] #GHLS17 on December 8! Why? Because you could become part of the collective voice that will drill down on barriers and best practices to address changes in the global health landscape. Come and share ideas to better navigate the fluid #globalhealth landscape. Register today! www.globalhealth.org/ghls 

3) [SHARE] Time is ticking to register for Global Health Council’s [@globalhealthcouncil’s] #GHLS17! This one-day event will convene policy and program leads from #globalhealth organizations across multiple sectors and encourage crucial conversations that drill down on barriers and best practices to address changes in the global health landscape. Curious to know what the agenda is? Check it out: www.globalhealth.org/ghls 

4) [SHARE] In a changing #globalhealth landscape, we need to figure out what works. Register today and join @globalhealthcouncil’s #GHLS17 to engage with participants from @COREGroupDC, @WorldVisionInternational, @CGDev, and more! Updated information on the agenda and registration is available now: www.globalhealth.org/ghls